Online Networks Studies was created in 2004 and has worked continuously since then with different offices inside and outside Bogotá, we have 6 studios within Bogotá located in different sectors such as Normanda, Castilla 2 locations, Venice, Tejar and Av Primera de Mayo, for the comfort and displacement of the model and two more in the country.






We have the latest technology for the transmission of video in full HD, each studio is monitored by an internal surveillance system, and the company’s own internal logging.

Within each room or room you will find a room with a bed, closet, heater, fan, excellent lighting, halogen lamps, a latest technology computer, full HD camera, we have each room decorated independently and according to the theme chosen by the model or that fits her profile.
Each venue has a laundry and drying room, smoking area, kitchen with microwave and refrigerator; the bathrooms are enabled with hot shower.

During the shifts there will always be a bilingual supervisor at the disposal of what the model needs, this person is the only one authorized to enter the rooms for the same respect of the model.

The work shifts are:
Day tomorrow from 6 am to 2 pm
Afternoon afternoon from 2 pm to 10 pm
Day night from 10 pm to 6 am

On Sundays, holidays, Easter, end of the year parties do not work.

You only work with female models, without exception, who have their citizenship or passport certificate that proves their coming of age, if they are a foreign person only with the corresponding work permit or with the immigration card.

What is a video chat?

In Colombia, video chat work is a job badly seen by many but loved by those who do it, because it is a communication platform with people from abroad, people who feel alone, in love, or simply people who want something virtual company, where you are going to work in a friendly, gentle and kind way, generating the illusion of taste, affection or affection towards the other. It is a completely virtual work, there is no physical contact of any kind with any person, it is only you and a computer, where your personal information will not be known as: names, address, telephone numbers, email addresses , social networks, etc. You will work under a pseudonym or nick name.

The work platforms of our company are completely virtual and you are not obliged to chat against your morals and good customs, religious beliefs or others that affect your mental or physical integrity. It is not allowed to chat on any type of subject that has to do with terrorism, violence, drug trafficking, intra-family violence, trafficking in persons, child exploitation, child pornography, pedophilia, zoophilia. Remember that these pages are dedicated to the adult industry and are constantly monitored by national and international authorities, as dictated by Art. 219; Art. 34; Law 679 of 2001 and Art 5 of Law 679 of 2001 regulating the Colombian Criminal Code.

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