Below you will find a bank of frequently asked questions that contain the most common concerns of the models.

Being a webcam model is a vocation, which despite the stigmas that are had, is not for everyone. Like any job, it requires effort and dedication, where each model puts its income.imaginary.
No, your physical appearance does not matter, nor does age, the important thing here is the attitude, the desire to win well and leave behind all the stereotypes of beauty that you have in the imaginary.

Remember that this is a sales job, therefore you are willing to put your own salary, there are days that are good and others not so much, yes you can earn millions, but this depends on many factors, such as connection time, responsibility, charisma towards customers, etc. The old models (it is understood by older more than 6 months) these models are the ones that earn the most as they  have an accredited account earning millions

This is a business that the more you sell, the more you earn. It starts with a percentage of 50% and depending on the sales it goes up, this type of information is provided only in the interview.

Payment is made only by bank deposit or by cash and depending on what you choose or the part of the country in which you are, every 15 days. No payment is made in cash for model security and for the company’s internal accounting issue.

No, our schedule is established as a minimum work time of 7 hours a day from Monday to Saturday, the chat platform requires a minimum time of 6 hours with which a good advertising rating is established in it. If you are a student or have another job you would be given a special schedule, this is only spoken in the interview.

Yes, we have the ability to provide you with a satellite account, which can work from home and earn much more since the percentage is higher.

¿We are the largest video chat company in Bogotá, we have four locations distributed in different parts of the city which you can choose according to your place of residence, in addition to this we have two locations in different cities of the country.

No, unlike many sites we do not agree to take money from the models, we are a company established under all the rules of law therefore the only excusable excuses are medical or family calamities.

We are registered with the chamber of commerce, law firm, accounting area, etc. Therefore, the labor references that are given are governed by what the ministry of labor demands, are truthful and real before any public or private entity that wants to present it.

No, there is no need to pay any kind of pre notice either with money or with time, it can be done at the time you want

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